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Javelina and Feral Hog Hunting in Mexico

Javelina Hunting in Mexico

Javelina Hunting in Mexico

We hunt Javelinas on our 5,000 acre ranch near Laredo, TX. There are not any particular places on the ranch where they seem more populated than any other place…they are just scattered all over the ranch. So, we have to look for them. The easiest thing is to simply put out some corn and let them find it…and they WILL find it.

Javelina Hunting in Mexico

Javelina are a strange quarry. They will respond to some calling but, it does not appear to be consistent. At least, not as consistent as corn. They are near-sighted, do not appear to hear all that well and they stink. When spooked, they can disappear surprisingly fast.

We are frequently asked if these little pigs are edible. In truth, I haven’t tried one but, I’ve never seen any of the other people on the ranch eat them and some of those people have been there for years so, I think the answer is no!

We also have some wild hogs on the ranch. They are difficult because they are nocturnal and night vision and thermal scopes are illegal in MX. Still, we keep trying. Suppressors are also illegal.

Rio Grande Turkey Hunt, 2016

We don’t normally have many people who just want to come down to shoot a Javelina or hog so, we normally include them in our predator hunt. We can mix and match time spent hunting each species or quantities to your liking.

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