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Predator Hunting in Mexico

Predator Hunting in Mexico

Coyote and Bobcat Hunting in Mexico

Bobcat Hunting in Mexico

Wiley Coyote is a fun hunt anywhere you can find them. Follow that up with a Bobcat or two and you’ve had a fun hunt.

We offer predator hunts on the same ranch where we offer dove and whitetail deer hunts near Laredo, TX. The regional biologists tell us we need to take 50 coyotes per year from this 5,000 acre ranch to maintain a good prey/predator relationship. Last year, the owners trapped 70 coyotes and noticed no effect on the population.

We have 16 high tower stands we use during deer season and they make perfect places to pick off ole Wiley Coyote. We don’t have a set schedule for this hunt. Just give me a call when you want to come and let me set something up for you. Of course, we don’t offer this during our dove or deer hunts but, if you are hunting deer or doves and one happens to step out and makes a target of himself, feel free to oblige him. We prefer that you come during November or February when the pelts are in good shape and there is no interference with other hunts. Other times it gets pretty hot and uncomfortable.

We also have a population of Bobcats on this ranch, but nowhere near the same number as coyotes. The cats respond to the same calls and in the same manner, they just seem to appear several minutes later than the dogs.

Our predator hunt is $1,800 for a 3-day hunt and includes everything you will need including license, tag, meals, lodging, rifle, ammo, pickup and drop off at the airport in Laredo, TX. You WILL have multiple shot opportunities.

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