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Rio Grande Turkey Hunting in Mexico

Rio Grande Turkey Hunting in Mexico

Rio Grande Turkey Hunting in Mexico

THE HUNT for Rio Grande Turkey in Mexico is very different than most of the hunts in the US. It’s not so much that the birds are different, because they’re not, but where we hunt has a lot of cactus and other thorny bushes. For this reason, most of our hunts are conducted utilizing ground blinds as it is extremely difficult to conduct a stalk through this vegetation. Some of the other areas we hunt are much like hunting in the US…pastures, water tanks, etc. In these areas, you may chose how you want to hunt.

Rio Grande Turkey Hunt, 2016

One thing that should be mentioned is that taking your Rio Grande in Mexico qualifies for your Grand Slam, same as taking one in the US. But, when you get your Gould’s and Ocellated in Mexico, the Rio you took in the US does not qualify you for the Mexican Slam. The same birds are required, but, taking your Rio in Mexico gives you one more slam. Something to think about if you think you might ever want to get your Royal and World Slams.

We hunt the Rio Grande turkey in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico about an hour north of Monterrey on cumulative leases of around 100,000 acres. Some of this land is caprock, but most of it is in the lower elevations on the Eastern Sierra Madre Mountains where we have excellent populations of Rio Grande turkey. Since we have so many birds, there is no bad time to come, but prime time is normally early to mid-April when you will hear plenty of gobbling.

Rio Grande Turkey Hunt, 2016

We try to limit our Rio Grande turkey hunts to groups of three people.

When you come to Mexico, you will fly into Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon. We will pick you up at the airport there and provide transportation to the village where your Rio Grande hunt will be conducted. At the end of your hunt, we will transport you back to the airport in Monterrey. Please make your travel arrangements to arrive/depart Monterrey, Mexico (airport code MTY) around midday. This schedule assures us of a smooth transfer of incoming and outgoing groups and assures you of having the maximum time to hunt your turkey.

Rio Grande Turkey Hunt, 2016
2021 Price and Schedule
3 days hunting, 2 birds. $1,250
4/07 - 4/11
4/11 - 4/15
4/15 - 4/19
4/19 - 4/23

When you come to Mexico to hunt Rio Grande turkey with us, we provide transportation to/from the airport in Monterrey, lodging, meals, hunting license, turkey tag(s), use of our shotgun and ammo, USDA approved preparation of your trophy and all documentation necessary to bring your Rio Grande back into the US with you. Our hunts are fully guided and may be customized to meet your needs.


We have LOTS of turkey! Additional birds are $200 each. NO LIMIT!

You may also choose to hunt Javelina, Hogs, Coyote and Bobcat. Each animal is $100 – again, no limit!

IF you want to bring the additional animals you hunted back with you, there will be a preparation, processing and documentation fee of $100/animal.

Please contact me for current availability.

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